1. How did you start traveling?

Since I was a child, my family taught me that my goal in life should be to graduate from college, have a family, and get a well-paid job. Until 5 years ago I wasn’t a big traveler. I was permanently busy with working for others and producing money for my family. I never imagined that I could go on a two-week holiday without spending a fortune. However, I gave it a try one day and went for 2 weeks in Asia. That was my life-changing experience as I got the chance to discover new cultures and see the beauty that this planet has for us. That was the moment when I realized that I don’t need a job and a high salary to be happy. Since then, I dedicated my time to discovering new places to travel and experienced several strategies to do it on a budget.

  1. Why is this travel blog different from others?

There are many popular travel blogs out there. However, we managed to be different from them for many reasons:

  • We are full-time travelers. This means that we first test any travel strategy or destination and then we present it to our readers.
  • Each of our team members has years of travel experience to share with our readers.
  • We constantly interview some of the biggest experts in the industry and create blog posts to inform our readers about the latest trends in this niche.
  • We create case studies and traveler profiles and personalize our blog posts to meet our audience expectations.
  • We count on a very strong community of travelers who constantly send us ideas and feedback after testing our strategies.
  1. How can you be a full-time traveler and a run this blog at the same time?

There’s no doubt that it’s a lot of work which requires many sleepless nights. After running the blog for a couple of years on my own, I decided that I needed help and started looking for people to help me grow this blog and add value to my content. Therefore, we decided to split our activities and things became easier both for me and my team. Moreover, traveling is my supreme passion. So, even though I travel thousands of miles every month, I don’t feel the stress and fatigue. Traveling is my dream and thanks to INTRODUCINGUPSTAGE blog I transformed it in a reality.

  1. How did you choose your first international trip?

I didn’t carefully plan my first international trip. I had it in my mind for many years already, but I didn’t feel financially prepared to go on an international trip. I was staying with a friend in the afternoon and we took the decision in the blink of an eye. So, this is how we ended up traveling to Thailand. We visited many wonderful cities which changed my perspective over life. During this trip, I met various categories of people who showed me that you don’t need to be rich to enjoy life and discover new places.