Charming IF (Idaho Falls) and Kind Locals

Idaho Falls is one of the most beautiful places in America. What with its natural beauty and the great many things you can do both indoors and outdoors.

But what might be the best thing about this charming place is the kind locals that are always ready to help. One way they have shown this is through joining local and national fundraisers for war veterans who are trying to heal themselves after facing the traumas of war.

With little donations, through raising awareness, and simply giving support to our veterans, many Idaho Falls locals have shown their kindness.


The Veteran’s Life

A veteran’s life started when they entered the army – becoming soldiers to fight for their country, their people, and the world. But it does not end with the end of their contracts.

A veteran will carry the wars they have been through all their lives. Lucky are those who are able to have support from their families, friends, and the community. But some aren’t as fortunate to have someone to help them whenever they have their nightmares.

PTSD and depression are just two of the most common side effects of war. And for those who have seen it up close and personal, it’s harder to get out of their grasps.

That’s why more than anything else, veterans need our support. Whether through emotional, spiritual, or financial support, let’s do what we can to help the brave warriors who came home scarred for life.


The Long Road Home

For many veterans, activities such as biking and running has helped them get through day after day of battling mental health problems due to their experiences at the battlefield.

Many fundraisers for veterans and soldiers that focused around these outdoor activities have been successful, thanks to the thousands of enthusiasts and supporters.

Idaho Falls was one of the chosen places for a long road home project where veterans and supporters rode together to help raise funds for other direct-service veterans charities. The money that was raised went to these charities who in turn, will help veterans with no place to stay and to get healthcare services.

But more than anything, these fundraisers were to help veterans themselves to heal the way that only a long bike ride can.

Lastly, this were to help bring awareness to the unending challenges that every servicemen and women had to face whenever they go home from war.

It doesn’t mean that they’re home, they’re completely safe. The saddest thing of all is when the enemy this time are their memories and their own minds, money, and the cold of the night in the streets.


PTSD and Depression

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the common enemy of every veteran. It’s a kind of mental health disorder caused by traumatic events. It’s almost like having an unending nightmare and re-living the most terrifying times of your life.

For a veteran, it’s the pain of losing friends and comrades all over again as they close their eyes; it’s the defeaning sound of a spoon falling on the floor reminding them of bombs and gunfire.

Depression, on the other hand, is another mental health disorder that continues to ravage the brave men and women. It stems from PTSD, but also from the new challenges that they had to face at home.

So many men and women are physically injured and can never feel the same way again. Thousands of veterans have financial problems, barely making ends meet. Countless veterans are now on the streets with no roof above their head and the cold, concrete floor as their bed.

To aid these souls, the nation must come together as one to acknowledge them after the brave fights they’ve fought. And it may only take a great back ride surrounded by the beauty of nature. This is might help local tourism to rise, you can read about that in this tourism essay.


Idaho Falls and its Friendly Localstourism essay

There’s so many good places to go riding in Idaho Falls, that’s why it’s been chosen as one of the places for these fundraisers.

The Firth to Blackfoot route with a total of 28 miles was a great one and was enjoyed by hundreds of local cyclists who went to join to the fundraising event. There were also locals who decided biking wasn’t for them, but still went to help with setting up the stage for the starting and finishing lines.

There were locals who simply went and cheered and handed their donations in hope that their little sacrifices were worth it. With such a beautiful place and beautiful people, it’s no surprise that Idaho Falls is such a good place to go to.


It doesn’t really take that much to help, especially the people that risk their lives so we can live in peace. You can help, if only by raising awareness and helping a veteran whenever you can.


New York City’s Central Park

This report is based on my site visit to the central park.  The objective of the report is to enable me to have a deeper understanding of the sense of place and how historic places and buildings reveal the culture and aspirations of the American people. Another objective is for a better understanding of the work of a historian by engaging in field research.

Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan, New York City. The park is bounded from the east by the 5th avenue, 8th avenue on the west, 59th street on the south and 110th street on the north. Prior to the visit I conducted some research on its history and found out that The Park was advocated primarily by the wealthy residents of New York City who had for a long time admired the public grounds in London and Paris. The facility was therefore put in place mainly to establish an international reputation as Americans had for a long time been labeled capitalists and non-social (“History of Central Park, New York”).

Over the years, central park has earned a reputation as the most visited public park in the United States of America and one of the most filmed locations globally. The park also boasts a wide range of public attractions such as Cleopatra’s needle, the zoo, the Belvedere castle among many others.

History of the park

Central Park was established in 1857 by the city of New York after the state legislature authorized it in 1853. The primary purpose of the establishment of this park was to refute the view held by many European countries that Americans lacked a sense of cultural refinement and civic duty but were instead materialistic. The park which sits on a massive 843 acres of land was constructed by Fredrick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux after they won the park design contest; this was the “Greensward plan”.  The park would later be designated a national historic landmark in 1962 by the U.S department of interior.

This park provided the high society of New York an avenue to socialize, and the poor were able to benefit from the clean air and uplifting recreation without necessarily having to spend money, and this gives the basis for the original sense of place of the park.( “History of Central Park, New York”).

Sense of place

The term Sense of place refers to the characteristics of a place that makes it unique to other sites or as I like to put it, it is the characteristics of a place that foster some sense of authentic human attachment.(“Sense Of Place.”). For central park, New Yorkers find this place to be a perfect escape from the busy and congested city life of New York. The residents mainly use the park for recreation, relaxation and most importantly socialization. I was particularly eager to visit the famous Belvedere castle, named for the Italian meaning “beautiful view” this castle has two balconies that offer visitors a panoramic view of some of central park’s most beautiful landmarks and therefore this was the first place I visited. At the Belvedere castle, I met 67-year-old Dana James who explained to me that central park was a great place to meet and interact with people and that most New Yorkers used the park as their backyard, to escape the city environment. I interacted with several people at the castle including a group of students who were out on recreation, and I deduced that the sense of place of the park or rather the human attachment of the park has not changed since its establishment in 1857. Since the park was created, it has been used as a place where people go for a change of environment and to socialize. Therefore the sense of place of this historic site has not changed from the original.

The sense of place of this historic site has been influenced greatly by the architecture, and land use of the park.  The park boasts many gardens, meadows sculptures and statues all which shape the human attachment to it. I figured during my visit that almost 90 percent of the park is nature. My visit to the mall, for example, got me surprised; beautiful American elm trees cover the area. The trees not only provide a picturesque location but also reduce flooding and erosion, keeping the park beautiful. The trees also serve to lower the temperatures during summer. The Great Lawn is the most famous green spaces in the world covering 55 acres of land. The park also gives visitors an opportunity to reminisce events in the history of America such as the Friedsan Memorial Carousel located on the 64th street. The architecture of the park also includes some statues to remember great and famous people an example of Cleopatra’s needle.

The central park fits perfectly in the surrounding area of Manhattan since it is almost the only place that New York City dwellers get the chance to interact with green space due to the congestion in the city. Getting deeper into the park, I almost forgot that I was in the middle of a big city. Central Park also goes a long way in improving the economic development of New York. According to a report by the Conservancy, the park generates up to one billion dollars both regarding direct and indirect revenue per year. The value of real estate has also increased around the park over the years. The park has also employed 1679 workers on a fulltime basis which amounts to 135 million dollars in economic output. Almost one-fifth of the park come from outside New York and generate more than 80 million dollars worth of economic activity around the park annually.( M. Kreinin-Souccar).

By creating jobs, increasing the value of real estate and increasing the economic activity around it, the park has contributed to rapid urbanization of the surrounding area, and this has enhanced the sense of place of the park even more since the residents turn to the park as their only escape to green space.

However, central park has a greater significance to its surroundings. The park protects the natural ecosystem hence providing natural habitats for different animals. The trees also serve to remove a wide variety of pollutants from the air of the very industrialized city of New York. On top of that, the park is vital when it comes to the collection of water from storms because its unpaved grounds absorb lots of water. ( Green Ribbon).

Central Park has helped a lot In building community in New York since residents can interact with each other and also meet new people. Most of the people I had interacted with during the visit had come alone as had I. There are also many spaces for events and recreational activities; this helps foster a sense of community. I also realized that the vast majority of visitors to central park engage in passive forms of leisure that are basically to relax, contemplate or to socialize and that a few; approximately 15 percent engage themselves actively.( Green Ribbon).

What gives the park historical significance is the fact that the park was the first of its kind in the United States of America. Also the park was established to step on the myth of most European countries that Americans lacked a sense of civic duty. The setting up of the park established the people of America as social beings and not individualistic and materialistic as was the notion among Europeans.


After the site visit, I was able to see how different it is to acquire knowledge first hand from the field. It was a whole new experience for me, and I must say it is more stringent than I had expected. This experience also helped me to get finer details on the meaning of sense of place and even to understand how different historical features have impacted the lives of American citizens. By conducting the research, I was able to have a deeper understanding of the work done by historians by analyzing the importance of central park as a historic site.

Despite having gone on an academic site visit, central park is one place I have come to know where fun cannot be avoided. The visit also took my interaction with nature and by extension to a whole new level. I could feel the sense of place of central park on a firsthand basis.