Seven Fascinating Things to See in Lushoto

During the German colonial rule, Lushoto was known as Wilhelmstal. It is amongst the eight Tanga Region districts in Tanzania. Kenya borders it to the North East, and Muheza District borders it to the east. By the Kilimanjaro Region, it is to the northwest and the south by the Korogwe District.

Lushoto is West Usambara Mountains’ main town. Although it is not as diverse biologically as the East Usambara is, the area presents some suburb walking opportunities. Its viewpoints always offer stunning views which are incredible over the escarpment. The main attractions in Lusaka include;

  • Irente Viewpoint
  • Magamba and Mkusu Forest Reserves
  • Several small waterfalls.

When you get a chance to visit Tanzania, the following are seven fascinating things you need to see in Lusaka;

  1. Tupande Usambara

Through Tupande Tours, hiking is possible through the beautiful Usambara Rainforest. Here, you will be assigned great tour guides who will go out of their way to make the 60 km hike as fulfilling and comfortable as possible. The walk is hard and long and will take you through the rugged, although breath-taking Usambara Mountain.

You will go through the rainforest in the rain, shaking of the local children who are under a burning sun. By the way, if you want to meet friendly and amazing Tanzanians in a diverse and fantastic landscape, do not hesitate to visit the Usambara Mountains. Cultural tourism will also be experienced because you will get to interact with traditional food cooking course, Maasai jewelry making, and research.

  1. Irente Viewpoint

This is a nature reserve. It also encompasses an organic farm and lodging located a few kilometers outside Lushoto. It is about 6km from the town. The road up to Mtae is wild, and that towards Irente is surrounded by land that has been cultivated and small villages.

It hosts the Terrace restaurant which serves various kinds of snacks and foods gotten from the farm’s produces. A stunning view of the surrounding valleys, hills and the farm is offered. Some of the meals served in Terrace Restaurant include home-made rye bread, cheese, jam, butter, juice, fruits, and vegetables which are also available in the shop.

There is a well-equipped campsite that easily accesses the restaurant and the farm, and accommodation is available, catering for all the budget and tastes. Views up towards Mtae are far more impressive.

  1. Soni Falls

This is the most beautiful place in Lushoto. It merely is nature and you; you get to hang out with nature. It is not crowded. Here, you will find are few native kids who will help and show you around. You definitely would want to capture the beautiful scenes, so do not forget your camera!

  1. Mambo View Point

Mambo View Point is located near the village of Mambo in the northern part of the Usambara Mountains and offers magnificent views over the African plains. You would think recycling and using renewable energy is enough. Mambo Viewpoint with exceptional community development and engagement ticks all the boxes as well as effective business management and the environment resulting in excellent customer experience.

There are beautiful cottages with really great staff. If you are lucky, you even get the chance to learn more about the area and work by dining with the owners. There are excellent facilities with guided walks, fires in the rooms, and great food.

  1. Usambara Mountains tropical Forests and historical sites, Switzerland of Africa

There are numerous historical sites, spectacular viewpoints, where you can learn and know how people live in the Usambara Mountains. These include the local immigrant tribe of pare and mbugu, the community history of the indigenous Washambaa, and local royalty from the ancient to Germany and British colonial era.

You will get to experience; Tropical Forests, Landscape, numerous spectacular viewpoints, and historical sites. You will as well have the opportunity of visiting local communities’ development projects. You will enjoy a memorable experience through the life of the local farmers and an explanation of the history; the area of west Usambara in nick-named Switzerland of Africa because of the mountain range.

  1. Magamba Nature Reserve

Visitors experience flora and fauna of this beautiful reserve through walking, sights seeing, and hiking. The incredible flora and fauna are due to the varied climatic and altitudinal conditions present in the area. Magamba Nature Forest Reserve is a state-owned forest reserve in Lushoto District and is managed by Tanzania Forest Services Agency.

Since March 2016, the forest has been designated as Nature Forest Reserve, covering a total of 9,283 ha. The Reserve remains unspoiled due to the conservation efforts of the Lushoto people and Government. It possesses varieties of dominant tree species, animal and birds’ species as well as insects. The town has some accommodation facilitating visitors with hotels, lodges, and guesthouses.

  1. Usambara Cultural Tourism

Explore the Usambara Cultural Tourism by engaging in different cultural programs. These include 2-3 days hiking at Mazumbai natural reserve, several days hiking to Mtae, 2-3 days hiking, Full day hiking and combined touring of Magamba and Mkusu rainforest as well as Irente viewpoint. You will also get to see the Mkuzi waterfall over a half day tour.